References from year 2016

Our team works always at 100 % using maximal effort, high quality service and nobleness. We are ready to be your reliable partner for any kind of event, party and/or company presentation.

Mr. Michal Kloc in Reduta Jazz Club

Promoter and organization: AM Event

International Engineering Fair Brno

Client: Hermle AG

Providing services related to the catering, organization of the social evening for clients and guests at the stand, trouble shooting.

The key to development of talents

Promoter and organization: “P“ atelier

On the 27th of September a conference focused on development of talents took place. The event dealt with the main subject: Personality of teachers as the key factor for talents development of the society. More information can be found at, offline presentations are available at

8th Workshop on Quantum Phase Transitions in Nuclei and Many-Body Systems

International conference for the Mathematics and Physics Faculty of the Charles University in Prague.

Preparation and organization of the event and the social evening.

MACH TOOL, Poznan, Poland

Client: EMCO Group Czech Republic.

Preparation and complete services for presentation of the company at this event including realization of the stand, trouble shooting.

Days of heating and energetics

Organization: Heating Association of the Czech Republic / organization: Exponex

A 2-day conference with an exhibition in the city of Hradec Kralove. Providing various services during the event, catering, hostesses. Preparation and implementation of the social evening in the Hotel Tereziansky Dvur (approx. 450 people).

TIA within reach

Client: Siemens.

Preparation and implementation of an annual educational seminars for the customers of Siemens taking place across the Czech Republic.